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Why List with 2move4free?

Plain and simple... we fill your vacancies with our amenity based service creating a WIN-WIN situation for you and your prospects. YOU have complete control whether or not to extend our 'Free Move Solutions' package if your stated contract terms are met!

  2. Separate your property from all the others... providing incentives for prospects to choose your property.
  3. CONCESSION COST REDUCTION... tired of giving the farm away? Extending a simplistic, needed service @ current contract terms.
  4. PEACE-OF-MIND... Fully insured protecting your proeprty, your prospects, and our employees! As a listing agency, 2move4free will list your agency as certificate holders on all policies.
  5. MOVE-IN CONTROL... YOU control if current contract terms warrant the expense of our moving services. YOU will also have specific control as to dates and times when crew and new residents are on your property conducting the move-in.
  6. BY PARTNERING WITH 2MOVE4FREE... You are clearly stating you have your prospects needs in mind by providing them with our 'Free Move Solutions' package!