How we Operate: Landlords and Sellers

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NOTE: your listing fee will be subtracted from your move fee... ultimately, making your listing with 2move4free just that FREE!

2move4free provides Local Real Estate Listings for Apartment Communities, Homes for Rent, and Homes for Sale that are interested in separating their property from the area competition with our amenity based 'Free Move Solutions' package. Additionally, our partnered listings gain increased exposure and awareness for their properties via the internet, mobile applications, and various marketing campaigns we engage. There are two [2] separate and distinct fees associated with our services. First, we charge a listing fee to be apart of our services and secondly, we charge a 'Flat Fee' move percentage rate if you [the listing agent] extend our 'Free Move Solutions' package to your renter | buyer as a way to secure a contract. Our 'Flat Fee' move percentage is charged to the listing agent and it is that person who ultimately decides if the 'Free Local Move' is granted to the incoming Renter | Buyer.

What this truly means for you the listing agent...
When you list with you are simply listing your property with the notion you are willing to offer a free local move based on your current terms. Our 'FREE MOVE SOLUTIONS' package is designed to bring buyers and sellers or renters and landlords together to negotiate the terms of the real estate contract. You are encouraging prospective buyers | renters to select your property based on the amenity of our services you are willing to extend if current terms are met. You have every right NOT to extend our 'Free Local Move' if negotiations do not warrant our services. Due to the existence of negotiations and the possibility of not utilizing our 'Free Move Solutions' package that we charge a listing fee...[view Fees]

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If our services are utilized the listing agent will be responsible for the move fee prior to execution of the move.
NOTE: your listing fee will be subtracted from your move fee... ultimately making your listing with 2move4free just that FREE!